Purchase guidance

Do you want your house to become someone else's dream house? Immosa Makelaardij offers you the right support.

As a purchasing agent, we always make the best deal. We can negotiate wisely, make much more specific offers and are often aware of new offers sooner. With our professional purchasing assistence, we will accompany you to the homes that appeal to you without limitations. We will guide you from A to Z during the entire buying process. This service is fully based on no cure, no pay. So no house bought = no estate agent's commisssion. Curious about the costs for your search? Request a quote from us using te button below.

How our buying advice works 

  1. Search interview
    We start with a search interview at our office, in which we clearly define your wishes. Based on these wishes, we will create a search profile, which we will use to search for homes for you.
  2. Schedule viewings
    We will plan viewings of the properties that appeal to you and suit you. 
  3. Viewings
    We will visit the properties together. It might happen that you go to a viewing without us. This depends on your interest, our agenda and how quickly a house is likely to be sold. If you are enthusiastic after the first viewing, we will plan a second viewing together.
  4. We map out the house
    During and also after the viewings we will map out the legal and constructional aspects of the house and provide you with professional advice.
  5. Valuation and offer
    We create an assessment of the value of the property, prepare a targeted bid and negotiate to successfully purchase the property. 
  6. Deed of sale guidance
    We will check the sales contract and go through it with you in detail. Only when everything is clear will we sign it.
  7. Linking to third parties
    We help you with the choice of notary, architectural inspection and valuation. We are in direct contact with the best parties for this. We will also be present at the architectural inspection.
  8. Term monitoring
    We keep an eye on the terms of the deposit and the resolutive conditions. In addition, we check the settlement invoice and the deed of delivery for you.
  9. Support
    You can fall back on us for questions or advice during the entire process.
  10. Inspection and notary
    On the day of delivery, we will guide you through the inspection of the home and check that everything is in order. If anything is not in order, we will make sure that it is resolved. After the inspection, we will accompany you to the notary.

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Are you looking for an expert appraiser? Immosa Makelaardij works with regional appraisers who help us professionally and at a competitive market rate with the valuation of your home. An appraisal report is usually required for the purchase or sale of a home, a renovation or the refinancing of a mortgage. These comprehensive expert valuation reports are accepted by every financial institution. 

We believe it is important that you, as a consumer, can trust the contents of an appraisal report and that you have clear insight into how the value has been determined. Transparency is key in this respect. Our regional appraisers are fully certified and listed in the Real Estate Cert Register and/or the S.C.V.M Register. They are also affiliated with the validation institutes NWWI (Dutch Home Value Institute), I-Validation and Taxateurs Unie and must therefore meet strict conditions. These validation institutes monitor the quality of both the valuation and the valuer by means of permanent checks.


When it comes to mortgages, we naturally want the very best for you. Immosa Makelaardij has entered into a partnership with "De Hypotheek visie". As a result, you are always assured of independent, professional advice and excellent guidance. 

It is important that you know exactly how much you can borrow and what your monthly costs will be. Also the insertion of own money with you discussed. And did you know that it is still possible to buy a house without own money? Our advisor can tell you all about it. 


There are also various personal considerations to be made with regard to insurance. If you do not have much equity, it may be wise, for example, to take out homeowners insurance. But what exactly does home costs insurance cover? And do you need life insurance or not?

Architectural examinations

Are you looking for a home in Maastricht and the surrounding area? Immosa Makelaardij can also guide and advise you with an architectural inspection with one of our regular specialists in this field. This offers you certainty with the purchase of your property. 

Would you like more information about valuations, mortgages, insurance or an architectural inspection? Feel free to contact us using the button below.

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