Property management by Immosa Makelaardij

Are you considering managing one or more properties? Immosa Makelaardij has been specialised in property management for more than 10 years. As a property management company, we can offer you complete peace of mind regarding the management of your house(s). This way you will not have to worry about management, maintenance or contact with the tenant(s) even after letting your house. 

What is property management?

With property management you let a property be managed by a property manager. Immosa Makelaardij is an intermediary that works on behalf of the owner of the property. There are different forms of property management, namely financial management and technical management. When you choose for both forms of management you will be completely relieved. 

Immosa Makelaardij as property management company 

Immosa Makelaardij offers all possible forms of property management. We maintain all contact with the tenant, act as supervisor and deal with problems, complaints and questions. We are familiar with all laws and regulations. 

Types of property management

Financial property management

In financial property management, we relieve you of all administrative matters relating to the property. These matters include preparing and collecting rent invoices, monitoring rent arrears and implementing rent increases. We also take care of the entire collection process. These are all financial property management tasks that we perform:

  • Monthly invoicing.
  • Collecting rent arrears.
  • Monitoring of monthly payments.
  • Carrying out the annual rental price index.
  • Debtor management and monitoring of the collection process.
  • Settlement of deposit and other charges after check-out. 

Technical property management

With technical property management, we relieve you of the maintenance of the property. Technical management includes matters such as fire safety, maintenance and energy management. Naturally, we ensure that everything complies with the correct legislation and regulations. These are all technical property management tasks that we perform:

  • Requesting quotations (in case of repair requests).
  • Registration and monitoring of incoming quotations.
  • Malfunction and complaint registration and an emergency number for emergencies.
  • Complaint handling and complaint reporting.
  • Supervising and controlling maintenance activities.
  • Making an appointment with a company once a year to check and inspect the fire safety of the equipment.
  • A meeting with the tenant once every quarter. In this meeting, the tenant can make any complaints, but it will also be discussed that the observed imperfections must be remedied within a certain clear period.
  • Taking care of technical failures and, in consultation with the tenant, coordinating maintenance activities. 
  • Twice yearly home inspection. 

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