Francois Durlinger

Years of experience

From an early age, I, Francois, grew up in an entrepreneurial family. I started within the financial sector and from there I came into contact with housing brokerage. At the time (2013), I joined a franchise company (De Huisadviseur Maastricht). In 2019, I made the choice to quit with the franchisor and continue independently in the Real Estate business, so that I could expand my activities to include selling/buying real estate under the new company name: Immosa Makelaardij.


Personally involved

Immosa Makelaardij is an active and personally involved real estate agency that advances in the field of marketing and presentation. Personal involvement, openness and good consultation are the key words of our company.
You can count on us for a comprehensive service in which we will completely relieve you. Not only with the sale and purchase of homes, but also with renting and hiring. We will not only talk to you about the housing market and the value of your home, but we are also interested in your story behind the purchase or sale of your home. By listening to your personal ambitions and possibilities, we can do our job well. Once we have mapped out your wishes, we can use our knowledge and experience optimally. 
You can also contact us for your mortgage, valuation or insurance that suits you, through one of our partners.