Expat services

We are your partner in finding the right accommodation, for yourself or your employees (business), in the Maastricht region. We go to great lengths to find the right property. Immosa Makelaardij is a specialist in renting out different types of properties to multinationals and expats. We combine our knowledge of the market with personal and committed attention. 

How do we proceed? 

  1. Discuss your housing needs
    Together we put together a package of requirements and wishes that fits your housing policy.
  2. Plan a housing tour
    Based on this information, we can arrange a tour of several suitable homes.
  3. We go for the best deal
    When you or one of your employees have found the right house that meets all your requirements, we start the negotiations.
  4. Discuss the lease
    To avoid suprises, we dicuss the entire tenancy agreement in detail and keep you informed of any legal stipulations.
  5. Advance payment of rent and security deposit
    For business customers, we advance the first payment period in the form of rent and security deposit to ensure there is no delay in checking in (if required).
  6. Proper check-in with photos
    Every party receives a fully digisted teport from us with photos and extensive information about the status of the property during the inspection, which is also included in the check-out.

What else can we do for you

In addition you can also make use of the following services, whereby we take care of any administration and inform you about the necessary documents. Furthermore, we arrange appointments and, if necessary, guide you through the following steps:

  • Registering with the municipality.
  • Arranging a Dutch bank account.
  • Providing information and help with the necessary insurances.
  • Finding a family doctor and dentist.
  • Finding schools and childcare.
  • Importing your car or motorbike.
  • Finding your hobby club or sports club.
  • Information guide especially for Expats who want to move to the Netherlands: 
  •      https://www.pararius.com/info/expat-guide 

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    Personal attention. Arranged down to the last detail! 

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