Relocation checklist

Good preparation is half the battle. Especially when it comes to movinf. This planner helps you to organise your move in the right way.

As soon as possible

  • Request quotations from various registered movers.
  • Ask your employer for an allowance for moving expenses.
  • Cancel the rent of your old home/garage.
  • Arrange for telephone and internet connections and digital TV.
  • Inform current school of children/register children at new school.
  • Take days off/take moving house leave.
  • Taking measurements in the new house (especially for furniture, refrigerator, built-in appliances, curtains, blinds).
  • Cancel household help/ discuss change of address.
  • Collecting the Post NL removal service.
  • Start clearing up and sorting things out.
  • Arrange for moving boxes for what you can already pack.
  • Arrange for a municipal guide and map if you are moving to another municipality.
  • Find out about childcare, public transport and waste disposal.
  • Municipal regulations.
  • Find a contractor, painter, etc. if you plan to rebuild.
  • Order new furniture.

4 to 2 weeks before the relocation

  • Informing insurers and asking about conditions and possibilities for new insurances.
  • Arrange for disconnection of electricity, gas and water from new home. 
  • Connecting electricity, gas and water to the new house.
  • Have a nameplate made.
  • Tidying up items that are not moving with you.
  • Take account of the imminent departure when placing new orders.
  • Register the removal company or arrange for the rental of a removal van.
  • Ask family/friends for help with moving.

2 weeks before the relocation

  • Send change of address.
  • Arrange for children and pets to be cared for on the day of the move.
  • Inform the caretaker if you live in an apartment complex.
  • Store important papers and valuables.
  • Return items borrowed from the neighbourhood.
  • Cancel/request the post office box.
  • Save old newspapers and boxes for packing your belongings.
  • Make an appointment for the collection of bulky waste.

1 week before the relocation

  • Clean the new house and number the rooms.
  • Inform suppliers.
  • Packing things you don't need anymore.
  • Get food for the evening before the move and for the day of the move.
  • Take care of sufficient soft drinks, tea, coffee and snacks in the old and new house.
  • Arrange for the keys to be handed over to the old and new houses.
  • Make new keys if necessary. 
  • Use the day of the municipal cleansing service to give away what has to be removed.
  • Ensure that you have enough cash on hand.
  • Ensure that the parking space in front of your home is kept free on the day of the move.
  • Put stickers on moving boxes indicating where they have to go (kitchen, bedroom, etc.).